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Landtscap Stellenbosch Wedding | Navy and Green Color Scheme for Wedding Decor


These photos were taken at the gorgeous Landtscap wedding venue on the hills of Stellenbosch.  Not only was the wedding beautiful, but the staff were awesome, and the food by Two Chefs  (holy moly the food!) was magnificent.  They definitely have my stamp of approval. Landtscap is located in Devonvale, and has magnificent views and a stunning, modern design, with lots of natural light streaming in (my favourite!)


I have a confession to make…..I love gardening.  No, I’m not 85, and no, it hasn’t been a lifelong passion either.  It all started when we bought our first house.  My granny always had beautiful gardens and a love for gardening, and whenever I’m in a garden that is overcome with scent, it takes me straight back to that time.  I love it.  So, when we bought our first house (which, by the way, appealed to me because of the well-kept garden), I couldn’t help but get stuck in.  Since then, it’s been something that I have a keen interest in, and nothing makes me feel quite as relaxed as being in a scented garden on a warm summer’s day. My point is this: I love flowers.  I especially love beautifully constructed arrangements; and so my heart is very happy when I come across lovely wedding decor.  It’s an opportunity to create a room filled with beautiful things, and who doesn’t love that?


But I digress.  The point of this post, is to show you some lovely wedding decor with a navy theme.  I love navy for weddings, I feel like it’s such a strong colour, and when combined with a neutral tone, it really pops and feels sophisticated, yet relaxed. What I really love about this decor, is that the navy is bold, and yet there is just a hint of it.  Green is also bold, but they don’t feel like they clash here – the way two bold, contrasting colours might otherwise, because the green is brought in through the use of organic material – flowers.  It’s a subtle blend, and it works perfectly.

So, sit back, and feast your eyes on the decor (and the food!)



























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Elegant Wedding Decor


I was going through some old photos the other day, and came across this photo that I took at a very elegant wedding.  I still love everything about it.  Happy Wednesday!